How to Write A Post And Get Featured On Buzzfeed


Buzzfeed is a great way to gain exposure and increase traffic as a food blogger. In this post I will tell you all about how I get featured not only on Buzzfeed’s Community and Food sections, but also on the Front Page several times a week, and how you can get there, too!
buzzfeed If you’ve been looking for a way to increase your traffic, gain followers, and create lasting relationships with other food bloggers, then this is the article for you. I outline exactly how to create a Buzzfeed profile, post your first article, and give away my own secrets to being featured on Buzzfeed’s front page multiple times a week!

Why You Should Be Posting to Buzzfeed

Before we begin, let’s take a second to look at why you should be posting to Buzzfeed. When I first started Dishing Delish, I would spend hours researching how to get my recipes up on sites like Foodgawker, Tastespotting, Tasteologie, and other big “foodporn” sites.

Why did I do this? 

One word: Traffic.

I do receive a small jump in traffic when my photos are accepted to these sites, but it’s minimal, and only lasts a day or so. Only a few short years ago, these sites would send you thousands of hits at a time. Today, the bulk of their traffic has gone to sites like Pinterest, so the most you’ll probably receive is a few hundred hits on a good day.

So what’s that real reason to apply to these sites? When you get accepted to big sites like Foodgawker, there is a chance that you’ll get picked up and featured by other big-name websites, like the Huffington Post and Buzzfeed. Their editors use these sites to find mouth-watering photos to feature in front of their 200+ million unique visitors.

You heard me right. 

Buzzfeed is current getting about 200+ million unique visitors every month from around the world. 1+ Billion if you include their Youtube channel. This information comes from the Buzzfeed Advertise With Us page.

While you’re not guaranteed to get featured on their main page, there are a few things you can do as a food blogger to help you get there.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll share with you my traffic before and after I began posting on Buzzfeed. I don’t usually share this with others. This is not to show off, I want you to realize the full potential of this process.

My first post was on October 27th, and the last article I posted was on November 19th. I definitely plan on writing more. 

Here’s a snapshot from the week of October 18th, before I started posting to Buzzfeed:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.45.13 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.56.14 AM


Here’s a snapshot the week of October 25th, the week I began submitting to Buzzfeed:

I submitted three articles this week, and two of them made it to the front page of Buzzfeed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.47.16 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.54.02 AM


Here’s a snapshot of what my analytics look like now, for just one week! Starting November 8th:

I’ve submitted 12 posts to Buzzfeed. 11 of them have been featured on all three of Buzzfeed’s pages (main, food, and community), and one went viral on social media. I’m on target to have ~120,000 visitors this month, which far exceeds my personal goal of 10,000.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.59.19 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.00.17 AM


Here’s how my last week compares to the week before I started posting to Buzzfeed:

As you can see, my sessions have gone up by more than 800% in less than a month.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.58.21 PM

Will this stick if I stop writing for Buzzfeed? The answer is no, they will not stay as high once the Buzzfeed article is pushed down their page by new content. But it will not go back to what it was before. The fact is, I’ve increased my subscribers and still see increased traffic, even when I don’t write an article for a few days. My returning visitor rate has increased as well.

Personally, I try to post a Buzzfeed article every time I put a new recipe on my site, which is about three times per week. This seems to be working for me, but everybody will be different.

Are you convinced yet?

There are things I’m still working on. Like lowering my bounce rate, increasing the session durations, and converting people into returning users. Like viral posts, it’s a challenge to make them last longer, but one I’m willing to take on!

To me, there is far more upside than downside. The pageviews alone have increased my income via ads on my pages, and warranted acceptance into several higher-traffic advertising networks. I’ve also gained hundreds of new e-mail subscribers, and have been contacted by other high-traffic sites to write for them.

I’ve also gained something that I value above all else – relationships with other food bloggers! I am now in contact with many bloggers who I have featured in my articles, and others who are working towards similar goals. As a food blogger, this is perhaps the most important part of the process (in my humble opinion). We help each other, promote each other, and offer each other emotional support when we burn our latest recipe and have to start over. It’s invaluable. 

Are you ready to get started yet?

Let’s go!

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1.) Create Your Account. 

Go to

This box should pop up. You want to click the “Sign Up” tab at the top right corner:

How to sign up for buzzfeed

Then fill out your username and password. I recommend using your actual (or pen) name here. Buzzfeed changed the rules about promoting your own page. I’ll go into more detail about that later.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.17.34 AM

Go confirm your subscription in your email. We’re almost ready to start posting!

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.19.56 AM

After you’ve confirmed your account, you should be directed to a page that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.21.58 AM

Go ahead and sign in the “old-fashioned way”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.23.09 AM


2.) Set Up Your Profile. 

This is your chance to link your social media and mention your blog, so use it wisely! Go to “Settings” from the top right corner, and fill in the form. Remember to hit “save settings” at the bottom of the form.

I set the top of my profile page with a collage from some of my own food photography. You can set any picture here, just make sure it’s 1020 x 155 pixels. I don’t suggest using your blog name here, to avoid getting your account suspended by Buzzfeed. I mentioned my blog in my profile, along with my other credentials. Keep it professional, not promotional.

Here’s what Buzzfeed has to say about it: BuzzFeed is no longer supporting new posts from Community Brand Publisher accounts, which include any accounts with a political, commercial, or promotional agenda. You can learn more about our new guidelines for brands and Community accounts here. Please note that if you do post on behalf of a brand, organization, political/public figure, etc., your account will likely be removed.

*This does NOT mean that you can’t add your recipes to your own posts. In fact, you SHOULD do that, with a hyperlink back to your recipe.

It means that you cannot blatantly promote your own site. For example, you should be making your profile look like your page and not your blog’s page. It also means you should NOT write things like, “For more great recipes check out!” in your articles. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.28.13 AM

3.) Start Your First Post. 

After you’ve completed your profile, go to “My Posts” in the top right corner. On this page you’ll be able to see all of your past posts, and start a new one by clicking on “Start Posting”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.34.13 AM

Now it’s time to start your very first Buzzfeed article! You should now be here.  Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 12.32.29 PM

First, before you do anything else, make sure you check the button “Suggest For A Community Feature”. According to Buzzfeed, if you forget to check this box, it will still be promoted if the editors like your piece.

Here’s what Buzzfeed says: “Our team of Community editors will review your post, whether you suggested or not. So if you forgot to click suggest, no worries! As long as the team of editors likes your post, it will still get promoted.”

Personally, I don’t like to take the chance, so I always click the button before I do anything else. 

What are you writing about?

It’s a good idea browse though and make sure your topic hasn’t been done recently.

If it has, you can still do it, but put another creative spin on it. For example, I saw that slow cooker recipes had been done recently. Instead, I created this article, 19 Reasons You Should Be Making Dessert In Your Slow Cooker.

Buzzfeed has probably posted something similar to your topic before. It doesn’t mean that it won’t be promoted, so don’t be discouraged! Content is cycled quickly through Buzzfeed, and there’s still a really good chance that yours will make it up there.

Add your title.

Browse through some of the titles on (Buzzfeed’s main food page). For example, my last one was 21 Mind-Blowing Desserts You Need To Know About For The Holidays.

Buzzfeed tends to use catchy click-bait words in their titles like “Life Changing”, “Insanely Easy”, “Mind Blowing”, “Insanely Delicious”, “Mouth-Watering”, etc. Don’t spend too much time thinking up a catchy title, though.

There’s a pretty good chance Buzzfeed editors will change it to what fits on their page that day.

Add your description.

Your Buzzfeed description should be one or two sentences max. I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, if you really feel motivated to write more.

Personally, I don’t want to spend 20-30 minutes on this article so I can get back to my own blog, so the less work I can do the better.

My last description was, “Can’t talk… Eating cookies…“, and that article has had 218K total views at the time of this article.


4.) Adding Content.

Now you’re ready to start adding content to your article! So where do you get it from?

Personally, I get the recipes featured in my Buzzfeed posts from two places. I post roundup requests on food blogger Facebook groups, or I search on Foodgawker. I never post a blogger’s full recipe in the Buzzfeed post, only a picture, and always include a link back to their blog.

I don’t usually ask permission if I source the photo from Foodgawker, but I have received a lot of feedback from bloggers I’ve featured thanking me for the traffic boost. If I’m featuring a blogger on my own blog, I always ask permission.

Start your roundups with your own recipe. Seriously. This recipe is likely to get the most hits from Buzzfeed readers, and you want it to be yours. 

You want to click on the button below. This lets you add a picture to your roundup.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.34.57 PM

It should open up a box like this.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.36.51 PM

Next, upload the photo you are featuring. Then fill in the form, and click “Add!”.
Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.55.43 PM

Here’s how to hyperlink “Recipe Here”:

Highlight the words “Recipe Here”, then click on the icon pointed out below. When the box pops up, copy and paste the recipe’s link into this box, then click “Add Link URL”.

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 4.00.03 PM

Don’t bother writing witty descriptions here. Again, I’m sure there are exceptions to this rule, but most often the Buzzfeed editors will delete or change them, and it’ll end up being “Recipe Here”, anyway.

And that’s it!

Repeat these steps for as many recipes as you’d like to add to your Buzzfeed post.

Try to get at least 15 recipes featured in your articles. The most I usually include is 21, because that amount seems to do well. I won’t include my own recipes more than three times, to avoid seeming self-promotional (which is against Buzzfeed rules).


5.) When you’re featured, you’ll receive an email from Buzzfeed. You don’t have to keep checking the actual site, just monitor your email and they’ll let you know as it appears on the site.


6.) A Few More Things Before You Start!

  • Buzzfeed allows you to submit one post per day to be considered for a feature. At least until you have more cat power. You can read more about cat power (because, you know, the internet is powered by cats), here.
  • A Buzzfeed editor needs to review your post before it can be featured. Which means all of the links you put into your article won’t work until it has been reviewed. If you see your links not working right away, just come back later and they will be.
  • You might want to wait until your links have been approved to start promoting your post. I’ve noticed now that I’ve done multiple articles, the links seem to work a lot faster. I’ve also noticed that my articles get picked up a lot faster during working hours on the weekdays. The main office is in NYC, so Eastern Standard Time.
  • If your links are still not working after 24 hours, you might want to send an email to Buzzfeed to make sure it’s not in their spam folder. If it is, they should be able to fix it. I’ve never had this issue, but I’ve heard of others who have.
  • Promote. Your. Post. Once your links have been approved. Tweet it, like it on the bottom of the post (click all of the good words on the bottom of your post: “yaaas”, “omg”, “heart icon”, “win”). Hit up your blogging friends to share your post, and to go like it and share it on their social media. Make sure you contact all of the bloggers you’ve featured, and ask if they’ll share it on their own social media. The more it’s liked and shared, the more likely Buzzfeed will pick it up on their own main page. I spend at least 20 minutes tweeting the article and tagging all bloggers who are featured, so it will be easy for them to just hit retweet and share it. I make sure to post it on my own social media pages, and also re-share it when Buzzfeed sends it out on Twitter and Facebook. Generally, the bloggers featured in my posts share it several times while it’s active, because it’s in everyone’s best interest for it to do well.
  • There are three main Buzzfeed pages a food blogger can be featured on. The first is the community page, then the food page, then Buzzfeed’s main page. Usually, you’ll gain the most traffic through the main page, and the least through the community page. Being featured on the community page is still a good thing! It will result in traffic, and that is never bad. Your article can be featured on one or all of these pages, and you’ll usually know within two days if it’s going to be.
  • Your article might not be picked up at all. I’m sorry to say, not everything makes it to the featured pages. So, what do you do if it doesn’t? In short, move on, and try again. Always try again! There could be a few reasons it didn’t get picked up, from the photos you choose, to being too close to a recently featured topic. Don’t be discouraged. Give yourself more chances to win by putting out more chances to get picked up.
  • Speaking of photos, you’ll need to know what to look for. Pick out the photos that make you want to reach into the screen and eat the food. Seriously. If you’re not saying, “Oh. My. Gosh. YUM.” when you look at a photo, then you probably shouldn’t use it. Buzzfeed’s food readers are visual, and the better your pictures, the better your article will do.
  • Things I’ve noticed that do well are cheese, desserts, one dish, few ingredients, and any impending holiday roundups. If you notices any more trends, please add them to the comments section below to share with everyone.
  • Buzzfeed will also email you awards. These are fun little badges that will appear on your Buzzfeed profile. They don’t really mean anything, but they do let you know when you reach certain milestones.


So that’s it! I hope you’ve learned some things about Buzzfeed today, and I wish you all possible success on your blogging journey.


If you enjoyed this post, please share it! 

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below, so others can benefit from them!







  • Michele

    This is a great article. Ive seen all the buzz about buzzed feed but just didn't have the time to do all the research on how to do it. This makes it a no brainer for me to go and do it. I completely agree that getting to know other bloggers is one of the most important parts of blogging. It can be the difference in making it or not. I love that all of the bloggers Ive met so far are so open.... just like you have been in this article! Thanks so much!!
    • Jacqui

      Thank you so much Michele! Buzzfeed definitely is a learning process, but once you get the hang of it, it's a great way to get your blog out there. And getting to know other bloggers has probably been the best part! Let me know when you post your first article, and I'll be sure to share it on my social media!
    • Jacqui

      Thank you! I hope I covered everything to really help. I definitely recommend getting started. It took me a while to jump in there, but now that I've started, I love it!
  • Diane

    Thanks so much for this informative, encouraging post all about buzzfeed. I love their stuff and share it all the time but have been intimidated to try it out stepping into the posts from the creative side. This is so helpful! Pinning!
    • Jacqui

      Thank you! All I can say is DO IT! Don't be intimidated, and if you are, do it anyway lol. I'll let you in on a secret - I actually was, too. But now that I've done a few posts, it's like second nature, and I love it! Let me know when you publish your first post, I'll be the first to share it!
  • Taylor

    This is really an amazing read, thank you especially for sharing your traffic before and after because it's really insightful. My traffic is honestly almost exactly the same as your "before traffic" so I will definitely start writing these Buzzfeed posts and seeing what comes of them. They just opened their first Canadian office in Toronto actually and I was thinking of applying for a job as an editor there once I graduate from journalism school. I love how they merge journalism and marketing into one (because they are so smart at reaching people!) Hope I can think of some awesome ideas for some food round ups like you! Thanks again for this article, it's been one of the more interesting things I've read about blogging for a while!
    • Jacqui

      Thank you so much Taylor! Journalism school sounds wonderful! I have a few friends who interned in the New York office after college, and they loved it there. I actually remember reading somewhere on their site that being successful as a contributor helps if you apply for a job there later. The best advice I can give about roundups is to find one recipe you like, if it's your own latest post, or one you find on FoodGawker, and just put that in your head. Then think of ways to use it. For example, I have a gluten free chocolate mug cake. What is it? It's a one-dish dessert. It's chocolate. It's gluten free. It uses pecans. It's done in 2 minutes. It's for the holidays. It's easy. It's a dessert in general. There's 8 topics right there that I would definitely write up! It's all how you look at it :)
  • Taylor

    By the way, you should expand your first picture to make it more Pinterest friendly. I feel like so many food bloggers will be wanting to share this photo and it might as well go viral too ;)
  • Christine | Mid-Life Croissant

    Girl you just saved my a$% with this. I am about to press "publish" on my first post and my profile is in my blog's name!!!!!!! And the only reason I haven't published yet is that I've been angsting over the title so in this one case going against your advice proved beneficial ;-) Thanks so much for this!
    • Jacqui

      I'm glad I could help! I actually published my first post like that, but I read somewhere else not to do it, and managed to change it before they picked it up. You live and learn, right? Let me know what your post is so I can share it!
  • Julia

    This is great information! I am having trouble uploading photos for any of my posts or my profile. Any ideas? Did you size them before or just upload straight into Buzzfeed?
    • Jacqui

      Thanks! I don't size them, but if you're trying to upload a raw image or a really big image in general, try making it smaller first. I usually pull images that are less than 1000x1000. Also, make sure you're using an approved format, like .jpeg. I did run into one site that I actually didn't feature because their site was set to stop people from downloading the pictures, and turned them into a weird file format.
  • Laureen

    Hi, thanks for sharing, help though, for some reason I'm not able to upload any photos, I can't even add a profile pic. Any clue what I could be doing wrong?
    • Jacqui

      Hi Laureen, It's hard to tell without seeing how you're uploading. First, I would try using Google Chrome as your web browser. I have noticed that Buzzfeed can be buggy with IE and Safari. Next, make sure your profile picture is the recommended size (200x200), and that all of your files are .jpeg. Let me know if that helps!
  • Whitney Bond

    Love this Jacqui! I actually saw a lot of traffic coming to my blog from your "Mac & Cheese" and "Mashed Potato" posts on Buzzfeed community, which is what encouraged me to write my first Buzzfeed community post last week, and of course, include one of your recipes in the top spot :-) That Buzzfeed post has now been viewed over 40,000 times, so hopefully it's helped send some more Buzzfeed traffic your way! Looking forward to continuing to support one another in our food blogging & buzzfeed posting journeys :-)
    • Jacqui

      Thanks Whitney! I'm so glad it sent some traffic your way, I just got a big boost from your latest post featuring my apple crisp, thank you for that! I always love to hear when other bloggers see positive results from things like this, it's so motivational! I definitely look forward to continuing to support each other as well. Make sure to link me to your next article, so I can share it! :)
  • Regina

    Wow...thanks for the detailed and super informative write up. I remember considering to write a community post when it first became possible (I think it was early this year, maybe end last) but never following through because ppl said it wouldn't really do well like the regular Buzzfeed posts. Well, thanks for proving them wrong :) With your guideline I plan to write my first Buzzfeed post, maybe next week after the holiday buzz (already too much going on this week)
    • Jacqui

      Hi Regina, I remember hearing that as well! But you know what? I think it's easier for food bloggers, to be honest, because almost everybody loves food! lol Let me know when you post your first article, I definitely recommend it! I'll share it on my social media :)
      • Regina

        Yay...the links to my first community post just went live! I'd so appreciate any share love <3
  • swayam

    This is such a great post Jacqui!! It really is full disclosure. And I couldn't be more thankful to you. I have been meaning to get started with buzzfeed soon, now I finally can! Xo, S
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    This is fantastic. I signed up for BF about 3 weeks ago and then... well... I didn't know what to do.... so I've done nothing. It's so great that you've taken the time to write this guide. I feel I owe it to you to submit a post now.
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        I did two of them, unfortunately neither of them got past the moderator :( Any thoughts why? Thanks again for all your help Jacqui!
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    Thanks for sharing your experience Jacqui. It is great to see the success you've had with Buzzfeed and I'm sure you've saved many of us hours of frustration and/or heartache with this tutorial.
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  • Colin

    Good for you, you created a Buzzfeed post. Anyone can do that, and that is what it's there for. Now all the editors won't know what to write about because all the food bloggers in the World are doing them.
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    Seems like someone never got the, "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all" memo...regardless of what Colin thinks... I'm sure MANY bloggers are loving this well put, thoughtful, and informative post :)
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    This is such a helpful post, Jacqui! Just signed up but I think I made the mistake of making my blog name (Deliciously Declassified) my username... I did that before reading all the way through your post to the part about "Community Brand Publishers" - it wouldn't even let me start a post! Is this strictly because of what I used for my username?? I reached out to their Support team but didn't know if you had some insight on this. Thanks :)
    • Jacqui

      Hi Tara, you should be able to change your blog name in settings, did you sign up as a brand or as a contributor? I think if you signed up as a brand you won't be able to post. If you're a contributor, try using a different browser. Sometimes it's buggy with Safari, I have better luck using Google Chrome. Let me know if that helps!
  • felicia | Dish by Dish

    Hi Jacqui! Thanks so much for this article! I just wrote my first Buzzfeed post yesterday, and am wondering how long does it usually take for editors to get back to your when your article is featured? On my article is says "This post was created by a user and has not been vetted or endorsed by BuzzFeed's editorial staff." - I'm assuming they haven't seen the article yet. However, I've clicked on the links and they seem to be working. Really appreciate your answer, thanks so much dear!
    • Jacqui

      Hi Felicia, usually they check the article within 48 hours, sometimes longer if it's a holiday or weekend. It may or may not get picked up, so promote promote promote! I think all of the community members have those endorsement messages until it's picked up.
      • felicia | Dish by Dish

        Thanks Jacqui! I was initially waiting for them to pick it up before promoting, but now I figure I'll just go ahead and promote it on my own too! Would love for you to check out the post if you like! ( Thanks dear! Crossing all my fingers and toes that the post gets picked up!
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    Just published my FIRST buzzfeed post using these instructions after feeling soooo intimidated. Thanks soooo much! So fun. Don't tell my boss I spent my morning doing this tehehe. When I posted it it said - "Your Post Has Been Launched!" I know you mentioned waiting for an email above before sharing... Should I be receiving an email? Not entirely sure how this works...
    • Jacqui

      Hi Melissa, that's great! I'm so glad you jumped in. As long as your links are working, I'd go ahead and share it. In fact, what's the link? I'll tweet it out!
  • Annemarie @ justalittlebitofbacon

    Hi! Thanks for this excellent how-to guide on buzzfeed. And thanks for linking me in one of your posts. :) When my stats started climbing I thought everyone was lost at first and then I realized what had happened. I'm just a few months into this blogging thing so I had no idea of buzzfeed's reach. Anyway, with your guide I signed up and made my first post. I'm crossing my fingers that it gets promoted. If not, try, try again. One question - does it make sense to notify everyone before it gets promoted? Or should I wait in hopes it gets onto the community page?
    • Jacqui

      Hi Annemarie, no problem! You have AWESOME photos! The same thing happened to my initially, someone picked up one of my recipes and I thought I was being spammed until I found the article lol! Once your links are working, I'd go for it and start promoting. Even if it doesn't get picked up, you might see people sharing it and a little promotion is better than nothing. Plus, buzzfeed likes to see engagement :)
      • Annemarie @ justalittlebitofbacon

        Thank you! It's been quite the learning experience the last few months trying to figure this all out. :) As for the links, as far as I can tell they were working as soon as I hit publish. I had a friend (who runs my facebook page) check it out and it all worked for her. So I've been notifying all the blogs today. Like you say, it can't hurt to get the link out there. No matter what I'm going to try, try again. No matter how many or few of my posts get promoted, I like that this is something active I can do. And something active that can potentially have a big payoff. I'm not going to say no to that!
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    • Jacqui

      Hi Maria, I know some people do single posts, but I'm not sure if it would fly for food bloggers. It might be seen as too self-promotional if you only link back to your own blog, because we're not supposed to represent a single business. If you would like to do an entire step by step recipe, I would contact Buzzfeed and see if that's something they would be ok with the link back :)
  • Caroline @ Pinch Me, I'm Eating!

    I got featured in someone else's Buzzfeed article a couple weeks ago and it was awesome for my normally very low traffic. So I know how awesome they can be! I just wrote my first Buzzfeed listicle! It's about Mardi Gras so it probably won't get picked up in time, but who knows! Thanks so much for this info! I had no idea that anyone could put together a list for them. I've got a few other ideas for lists already! Whoo!!
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    Hi there - great article! Thank you! A couple of questions: 1. Buzzfeed looks to be a good source to submit only roundups, right? It doesn't look like people really submit one of their really good posts based on what I'm reading. Is this correct? 2. If your post is denied, will they email you? Thanks!
    • Jacqui

      Thanks! So far I've only used Buzzfeed for roundups, but you can submit an article as well. Just be careful not to promo your blog too much with it, to avoid being seen as a business account. No, they will not email you unless you are accepted.
      • Renee Melia

        Hi Jacqui! I'm not a foodie but an illustrator/maker and i've submitted two articles recently - both went viral, yay! Now I'm addicted, hehehe, but will it look bad to keep posting lists that include one of my items? Both lists I made had 19 and 15 items respectively and only included one thing of mine, so I shared a lot of the love around. Do you include one of your items in every post or do you mix it up and do some that don't include your recipes so that it doesn't look like a business account? It takes me about 5 solid hours of research to make a good list so I'm kind of wanting to at least get some exposure myself out of it or it's a bit of a thankless task! Thanks, Renee
        • Jacqui

          Hi Renee, Congrats on the viral posts! I always include some of my own work in the roundups! The way I look at it is that they're getting free content from me, so why not? I wouldn't do an entire list featuring my own recipes, but I definitely use 2-3 if I can.
  • Izzy

    Thank you for this amazing how-to! This is probably one of the best written guides on the internet and it was so easy to follow. I didn't realize how simple it was to get a post up on Buzzfeed. Right now, just having some issues validating the links so I'll contact them soon but I wouldn't have known how to do that without your amazing tips :P And I appreciate the help in regards to setting up a profile page. Super excited to have this knowledge under my belt. Bookmarked for future use!
  • Sara | Tastefulventure

    I'm so glad I found your post! Thank you so much! I just finished my first Buzzfeed Roundup: Fingers crossed it makes it to their front page! :)
  • Jillian

    SO glad I found your post! I never even thought about actually writing my own Buzzfeed articles! Your instructions are also super duper helpful! Thank you so much!
  • Amy

    Thanks so much for writing this. Such helpful information for a new blogger like me. Really appreciate you taking the time writing this
  • Emilie

    I want to thank you so much for taking the time to write this out in an easy to understand, supportive way. I just created my first Buzzfeed post, thank to you! After you hit "publish," does it go onto the site (albeit unfeatured), or does it not even get onto the site before the editors approve it? Will they email when it is approved? Sorry for so many questions-- and thank you for such a helpful article!
    • Jacqui

      Hi Emilie, thanks so much! It's live on your community page right after you hit publish, but the editors have to review it. Then they'll decide if it's going to get promoted to the main page or not. They'll email only if it is.
  • Terri Gilson

    Thanks so much for this info! I went and changed my name from my blog to my own (they hadn't vetted it yet) so I'm glad I saw this! My only question is: Where it says ,"organization name" - I leave that blank? and website, facebook and twitter names- is it okay to put my blog info in those areas?? Thanks!
  • Sue Ringsdorf

    Hi Jacqui. Your post is very helpful and I'm currently trying to set up my account. I'm having major trouble uploading my profile image and my banner image. I've used photoshop to resize my images and it's telling me the photos are undefined. Do you have any idea what's going on?? Thanks for your help!
    • Jacqui

      Hi Sue, I'm really not sure what the problem could be, if you're sure the size is correct. My best advice is to send an email over to Buzzfeed and ask them to take a look, because they'll be able to see what's going on. In my experience they're pretty responsive.
  • Ann

    This is so incredibly helpful Jacqui! Thank you so much. I submitted my first roundup last night and am waiting for the links to work :)
  • Valya @ Valya's Taste of Home

    Hello Jacqui! Thank you so much for this post. So, if I understood correctly, you can only post once daily to Buzzfeed. In that post you can include at least 15 recipes including 3 of your own before pressing "Publish Now", correct? I published only one of mine recipe. The steps look different from your screenshots, so I hope I did it correctly.Thanks again! :)

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